Friday, June 27, 2008

best of TWSSG lines

snowkin shared this on loveyongjoon, and i've translated it into english for you.

NHK did a online polling to pick the most memorable lines from the drama.

3rd place, epi 20
When Damdeok's army was going to negotiate with Kihtan, he was not confident whether his own orders were right or wrong. General Koh, who was like a father to him, said this to Damdeok, "This is the first time I've such thoughts after I started serving you, that I won't mind even if I die... For Pae-ha, I'm willing to lose my life, so please stand on our side."

2nd place, epi 24
Damdeok said this to Sujini when they reunited, "Wherever you are, that's my palace."

1st place, epi 13
These lines are the same ones that wuri yong joon himself felt left him with the deepest impression. "Do not die, there’s no need to abandon your lives for war. No matter what, you have to live on, and return to my side. This is my, your King’s order."

me too love love love these lines the most! i'll be honest here, won't say i really like the 'wherever you are, that's my palace' line... yea, i kindda thought it abit cheesy and unnatural. keke!


At 27 June, 2008 13:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked gen'l Koh very much and what happened to him? not showing up any more, not going to promotional tour, not in MBC last year at the award. I like to see him.
He was so good to Damdeuk, I liked him and appreciated him.


At 28 June, 2008 02:06, Blogger gosijo said...

Hi everyone,

I too like General Koh's character and the relationship he had with Damdeok very much so I particularly remember those scenes.

Also, one line that sticks in my mind more than most is in episode 13 during the meeting Damdeok has with his advisors while on the ship taking them to Baekje. The Elder of Julno, General Heukgae, is always impatient about when they are going to fight and Damdeok keeps saying "We will not fight" and "We'll run away" until it comes out that the King intends his army to bait the ennemy and give the victory to Hogae. At that point General Heukgae is completely exasperated with Damdeok and says something like:

"Pe ha, do you think Hogae will understand? People can only see the world according to their own measure. Do you think he will come and then bow down to you?"

I think it is very clever of the scriptwriter to recognize that it takes more than visionnary leadership. So many people just don't 'get' it and end up misunderstanding and twisting benevolent intents in other directions.

Later, in episode 18, Damdeok has another meeting with his advisors. The discussion is all about fighting and Damdeok proceeds to demonstrate that trading is a much more constructive way to interact with their neighbours: "What would happen if we could provide what each of them needs? If we stand in the center and make all of us live in peace for at least a century?
Can't you understand? Do you just want to fight and win? While spreading seeds for revenge?
Don't you understand what I want?"

I like the way this shows that it's difficult to accept new ways of looking at things especially if we owe our status or have built our value systems according to the old ways, fighting, in this case.

At 29 June, 2008 03:16, Blogger bb said...

yea, ladies, my mom and i like general koh much much too :)

and gosijo, the lines during those scenes and episodes are also part of the reason i wish TWSSG was a longer drama. would be swell to watch huh? i even thought there're some stories there that could be applied to modern day management, esp from the angles of leadership and creative problem solving :)


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